Letting Go of Attachments

Often in business, I am asked how I deal with difficult clients and turn the experience into a success.

I don’t believe I have any difficult clients–I only have clients in difficult situations. As a real estate consultant, my goal is to find simple solutions to my client’s problems. One of the biggest difficulties my clients often come up against is their attachment to things or ideas, whether it be owning a particular home, driving the dream car, or living in a certain neighborhood. However, I have learned that sometimes the best and quickest way to a solution is to give up on our attachments.

A few years back, I was working with a client in Hillsborough. This couple had lost their business and was behind in their mortgage payments. In order to avoid foreclosure, they were considering selling their home, but they really wanted to stay until their children finished high school.

The couple owned a number of valuable antiques, and I recommended they sell one piece in particular, in order to use the money to cure their loan and remain in their home. It took them three weeks just to agree to my proposed solution even though their house was at stake. It’s easy to feel attached to the belongings or places we’ve accumulated throughout our lives, but sometimes the best things come out of opening yourself to detachment.

I found a buyer for their antiques, and it generated enough profit to allow them to remain in their home and their children to finish high school. Although I did not sell their home I’ve closed five transactions over the years from the referrals they’ve sent me. I still receive Christmas cards from the family every year.

What attachment have you let go in order to reach a better solution?

“Enjoy everything that happens in your life, but never make your happiness or success dependent on any attachment to any…place or thing.”  - Wayne Dyer