The Mission Bay neighborhood is on the rise. When the University of California, San Francisco moved its research campus to Mission Bay, people began to take notice - about $4M has been invested in its development so far. As a result the neighborhood is an oasis for young, single techies. Defined by Townsend Street on the north, Third Street and San Francisco Bay on the east and Mariposa Street on the south, residents find themselves close to both the Caltrain and the I-80 and I-280 highways. It is very convenient for professionals who work in Silicon Valley and for people who value being able to get to the bustling parts of downtown San Francisco in a flash. This means that Mission Bay represents a stimulating fusion of students and techies from all over California and the world.

Though this neighborhood is not as foodie-inclined or culturally rich as the Mission or Haight, it is definitely up-and-coming. We have no doubt that in a couple of years, the rest of the Bay Area will be clamoring to see the culinary adventures that new chefs are offering and the new, unique experiences that only Mission Bay can offer. In the meantime, rest easy, there are still many ways to spend your weekend. For instance, the AT&T Park is just a short block away for those who live here! Did someone say Go Giants? Additionally, its proximity to the water makes for a relaxing weekend picnic.

Due to its broad boulevards and vacant lots, Mission Bay has seen and will continue to see a boost in the housing development. Some high-rises that already exist boast bewitching sky-line views and all the amenities of the best luxury apartments.

One such apartment complex is Azure Apartments located at 690 Long Bridge Street, San Francisco. These apartments feature private balconies, walk-in closets, wood-style flooring, community grilling area and even electric car charging stations! The latter seems even more fitting as the area is filled with early-adopter techies.

According to an article in the San Francisco Business Times, rent for this building starts at about $3,650 a month for a 660-square-feet of space and starts at about $5,150 for 960-square-feet of space 2 bedroom apartment.

If you aren’t an apartment lover, Mission Bay also offers condos. Arden by Bosa is at the center of the Mission Bay neighborhood. Its closeness to the water presents residents with scenic running/walking trails and also opportunities for a variety of water sports. At the Arden, you will be able to make friends with your neighbors due to the condos’ plethora of community-orientated spaces such as the open-are grilling and dining area, the social lounge with entertaining kitchen and billiards and the luxurious library lounge.

Here, a two bedroom, two bathroom condo (1386 square-feet) has a going-rate of $1,425,000.

Another condo complex – Madrone – offers similar luxurious amenities to the interested buyer.

Now is an exciting time to explore the Mission Bay area. As a resident, you will be able see the community development each day. Being the first of the neighborhood’s bartender favorites is sure to offer great story at happy-hour! If that honorary title does not sweep you off your feet – you can take “First Techie to Move-In” or “First Neighbor to Throw Summer’s Last Bar-B-Que”!

If you are looking to live in a place with growing energy that has a lot of potential, Mission Bay may be perfect for you. Make sure to visit today and see where the future can take you.