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Unique Buildings That Have Been Converted Into Homes

Have you ever dreamed of living in a home unlike any other? Thanks to a little creativity and a whole lot of work, what's old is new again with these spectacular home conversions. From former firehouses to built-upon barges, check out these truly unusual residences:

Historic Firehouse -- Artists Vincent Valdez and Adriana Corral converted a 1928 fire station located in San Antonio, Texas, into an art studio and loft-style apartment. The former fire station offered the perfect blank canvas for the artists with its white walls, concrete floors and high ceilings.


 Old Water Tower -- An 1877 water tower in London, England, was transformed into a luxury home by homeowners Leigh Osbourne and Graham Voce. The 99-foot tall brick structure required significant restoration before it could be converted into the four-bedroom home with an ultra-modern living space on the ground level.


 Barge -- A 1909 barge used for transporting heavy goods is now afloating home in Södermalm, a district in central Stockholm, Sweden. The 1,600-square foot residence features three levels outfitted with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open-plan living room and a dining room.



Schoolhouse-- This Federal-style schoolhouse was built around 1840 in the Catskills of New York. Unfortunately pipes burst and the ceiling fell in one week after closing, so the homeowners had to deal with a complete renovation. After a year of hard work, the schoolhouse was transformed into a colorful and vibrant weekend retreat.


5 Tips to Help Organize a Small Living Area

Living in a small space poses many challenges from an interior design perspective. Too much furniture and your home feels small and cluttered. Too little and you lack the functionality you need for day-to-day living.

From furniture placement to controlling clutter, maximizing what you have is a must if you want to get more from less space. Here are some tried-and-true tips for maximizing your small abode.

Divide and Conquer -- Instead of breaking up your floor plan into individual rooms, consider an open layout that uses strategically placed furniture to divide the space.

Go for Light and Bright -- Use lighting to create a sense of spaciousness. Start by allowing in as much natural light as possible, keeping window coverings to a minimum and using bright paint colors.

Supplement with Lighting -- Augment natural light with sufficient general, ambient and task lighting. Your lighting design should take into account the different ways you use the space.

Get (and Stay) Organized -- When designing your small space, think about storage in every room. Consider adding built-in bookcases, cupboards or cabinets, and using furniture with built-in storage.

Think Versatility and Flexibility -- Keep multiple uses in mind when considering your design needs. Search for furniture that can do double duty, like a hinged coffee table that lifts to create a dining surface or a dresser that serves as a nightstand.

Celebrate the Season with These Party Ideas

There's just something about the starry nights and fresh air that make summer the perfect time for parties. From a friendly neighborhood gathering to an afternoon pool party, here are five themed ideas to get you started.

Movie Under the Stars -- Turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater. All you need for an evening filled with your favorite Hollywood stars is an inflatable screen and projector, a cozy area for seating or sleeping bags and, of course, popcorn. (Try one of these 50 flavored recipes.)

Neighborhood Block Party -- Host a summertime gathering on your street, inviting the neighbors to bring chairs and potluck dishes to share. Arrange games for the kids and invite your local fire or police department. And while you're planning, don't forget to apply for a permit to set up roadblocks.

Elegant Garden Party -- Invite your friends over for a traditional garden party. While the setting is casual, a garden party is anything but. Give your gathering an air of sophistication with crisp white linens and extravagant centerpieces, and serve your guests an assortment of appetizers and finger foods.

Old-Fashioned Campout -- Experience the great outdoors in your own backyard by setting up camp. Sleeping bags, a tent, lawn chairs and a backyard fire pit create the perfect setting for telling ghost stories and enjoying late-night marshmallow roasts.

Backyard Pool Party -- Make a splash with your next pool party by designing games, food and decorations around a theme. Adults can socialize while kids enjoy swimming pool games like sponge tag or noodle jousting.

Creative Fence Ideas that Meet Your Needs

Whether you are trying to contain a pet, give your backyard paradise a little bit of privacy or keep the neighborhood dog from digging up your daisies, good fences make good neighbors.

Here are a few creative fence ideas that combine form and function:

Recycled Fun -- From skis to surfboards, windows to wine bottles,almost anything can be recycled or upcycled to create a beautiful boundary to your property. Choose a material that reflects your passions!

Living Walls -- If it's meant to contain your plants, why not make your fence part of the garden by building a fence that doubles as a living wall? It's easy -- all you have to do is fill your fence with your favorite herbs or succulents.

Fence with a Pet Portal -- What better way to keep man's best friend busy in the backyard than with a window to the outside world? Check out this fence with a view.

Work of Art -- Why not turn your fence into an extension of your interior design? From quirky to elegant, these fences truly are an expression of the homeowners.

Heightened Hedges -- Get creative with your hedge design by shaping your trees into quirky geometric or animal shapes. Almost any tree or bush can be used as a hedge, but these varieties withstand trimming the best.


Thanksgiving is here... my favorite holiday!

We are so lucky to live in a country that devotes the entire day to gratitude. It's an opportunity to stop for a moment and appreciate the abundant life we have and say: "THANK YOU!"

We, at Princeton Real Estate, wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to you. Thank you for trusting us with your business, for your referrals, and thank you for allowing us to do what we love to do - reaching out to people in need!

Wishing that your every day is a day filled with gratitude and thanks giving!