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Thank You!

Sometimes life brings with it unexpected surprises. Despite the troubled economy in 2010, we ended up having a successful year. We have YOU to thank for that! Last year, 100% of our business was referral-based, which wouldn’t be possible without such a strong and committed network of individuals who believe in our values and expertise.

I was lucky enough to spend the tail end of 2010 in Bali. The harmony and peace I found from such a gorgeous country really centered and prepared me for another year of helping clients to achieve their own harmony. My goal for 2011 is to work with clients on simplifying their lives, as they prepare for moving, downsizing, and other lifestyle changes. To do so even more effectively, I’ve developed a Transition Team of professionals dedicated to smoothing the road for clients who are overwhelmed, overextended, or headed for retirement.

I can only hope for your continuous support for a successful 2011, as we work to serve YOU in all of your real estate needs. We appreciate your referrals, and pledge to provide each client with the utmost attention, service, and harmony in every transaction. For more information on what is new at Princeton Real Estate for 2011, follow us on facebook or twitter!

Wishing you a successfully 2011, full of wonderful surprises,
The Ildiko Pali Team

Smooth the Bumpy Road to Retirement!

This past November, I celebrated my 65th birthday in my office… working. According to a resent AARP article, I am not alone. Their statistics say that there are 78 million baby boomers, and more than 10,000 a day will turn 65 for the next 18 years. Yet retirement for many still looms as a long and distant road into the future.

As a real estate business owner/broker, I received the disigantion of Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). For 2011, I decided to focus my knowledge and expertise on this particular generation of people preparing for retirement. I am very excited to announce that a few members of my BNI will be joining forces with me to jumpstart the Transition Team. The Transition Team is a group of professionals, including myself, a professional organizer, a mortgage consultant, and an aging and adult care consultant. We will work together to gracefully transition baby boomers into their Golden Age, whether they are overextended, overwhelmed, or just want to simplify their lives.

Given the much-discussed economic condition, retirement can be very difficult, and in some cases nearly impossible. The Transition Team would offer professional help to reduce financial stresses, and ease them into a comfortable and happy retirement. Our goal is to assist baby boomers and their families in making the right real estate investment decisions, choosing the right living space, and getting the right in-home care. We all deserve what’s best for our lives, no matter our age. We can smooth out that bumpy retirement road with help from the Transition Team. If you have expertise in a field that would add value to our team, contact me at for more information!

Is the Recession Really Over?

Here at SFforeclosure, we’ve gone back and forth about how to use our blog to best help our clients. Positivity, we thought. Success stories, we mused. Testimonials from our business parters, we attempted. But really, when it comes down to it, what we most want is to reach out and give you the best information on how to simplify your life from the viewpoint we know best: real estate.

One of the biggest challenges to our industry has been the recession. A word whispered and feared for its negative connotations. We try to hide from it, sweep it under the rug, but it’s still on the tip of our tongues. This week during our Business Networking International (BNI) meeting, the question was posed to the group: is the recession really over?

Our BNI chapter is comprised of business representatives from all industries, who wanted to remain positive, as we all have high hopes from the new year. The numbers are better, it seems. Although down from 2010, those numbers upon closer inspection are still projecting that 4 million US homeowners will face foreclosure in 2011. That is one out of every 500. In San Francisco, we may not feel these effects as much as other parts of the bay area, but that’s not reason enough to put the blinders on. That’s still a lot of people that will need to drastically alter their lives, as they search for simplification.

So, we don’t think it’s over, but we remain hopeful that things are getting better. If you are or know some one that could make their lives that much simpler with some expert real estate advice, email us at And while you’re at it, let us know how things look from your viewpoint? Is the recession really over?

Welcome Home Veterans

Just the other day, I received a knock on our door from a gentleman and his wife, looking for an apartment rental office.  They had the wrong floor, or maybe even wrong building. Luckily, as a real estate company, we knew a rental agency to refer them to.  But of course I couldn’t help asking a few questions first.

“What exactly are you looking for?” I asked.

Looking a bit lost (rightly so) and maybe even overwhelmed, he said, “A home for my wife and I. I recently returned from service in Iraq.”

“And how much are you looking to spend per month? And where are you looking to live?”

“About $1500, anywhere from San Francisco to the peninsula.”

After a few minutes of conversation, I was shocked to realize that the man was not aware that he was eligible for a VA loan, which would allow him to purchase his own home with no money down and pay less in monthly mortgage than he planned to pay in rent.

“Really? Even in the Bay Area?” he asked.

 After sitting down with this couple and explaining to them a few possible options they had, I was thinking about how so many veterans are trained to protect our country, only to return home unaware of all the benefits that await them.  Are we sufficiently performing our social responsibility to help them transition back into society?

I asked around looking for resources that educate veterans about their benefits.  I came across a few VA support groups, including “The Coming Home Project” led by Joseph Bobrow.  Here at Princeton Real Estate, we are happy to provide free consultations for veterans and their families looking for either their first home or an opportunity to learn more about the real estate benefits awaiting them.

Welcome home veterans!  Thank you for protecting us, and we are here to make sure you are protected! If you are a veteran, or know one, send them our way so we can help them find their dream home!

A Little Bit Of Tuscany To Brighten Up Foggy San Francisco

Ten years of careful construction, countless European travels and a love for the warm tones of the Mediterranean inspired the work of art that is 1553-1555 11th Ave.

When brother and sister, Rose and Alex Tsapenco, moved from Europe to San Francisco, they purchased the former fixer-upper with the hope of creating their dream Tuscany-inspired home.  And now, the doors to that home are for you…

As the creative and constructive genius behind the home, which rests on the borders of Golden Gate Heights and Forest Knoll neighborhoods close to UCSF, Alex’s careful eye and skillful touch is evident from European wooden accents on the ceiling’s light fixtures, to the elegant hand-painted tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens.

As owner of Magic Brush Painting, Alex created the property’s exterior so it never needs to be touched up or re-painted.  The entire home is also reinforced with the strongest of steel beams in order to support a third floor. “I built with all the permits,” said Alex.

The house is designed to expand up to 3,000 square feet, allowing the buyers to construct their own dream master bedroom, with walk-in closet, and bath outfitted with the top amenities.  The luxurious master suite would open onto a private deck, providing a bit of the magic of Tuscany with uninterrupted views of Golden Gate Bridge and park.

A grand bay window welcomes natural light in the front living area, complete with a fireplace.  The entirely remodeled kitchen is complimented by a peninsula designed with a marbled mosaic and exotic travertine tiles from India covering the floor.

The quaint downstairs unit, perfect for a live-in nanny, has its own separate entrance and relaxing sauna attached to the second bathroom.  French sliding doors lead to an expansive patio covered in rare Mexican clay tiles.

Raised flower beds and accent lighting make for a romantic outdoor setting reminiscent of a Tuscan garden.  The added building at the back of the patio is perfect for a private gym or office.

Young professionals, especially doctors and lawyers, are drawn to the neighborhood because of its close proximity to USF Medical Center.  The neighborhood boasts the added convenience of a school, hospital, transportation, museums, parks, and restaurants all within a few blocks.

“We hope for people who love architecture, and will get as much pleasure out of living in this house as we did.  My son grew up in this house and it’s a great place to raise a family,” said Rose of this bit of Italy hidden in the convenient and lovely San Francisco neighborhood. “We brought our soul here.  Everything in here was touched by love.”