Team of Experts

We have successfully helped hundreds of buyers purchase their dream homes, and investors maximize their profits and build wealth.

We are a San Francisco-based, owned and operated independent real estate company with 40 years of experience in this market. Underscoring our real estate background is a foundation in investments and engineering.

In 1995, we became experts in foreclosure and short sales transactions. With these specialized skills, experience and focus we can clearly assess the value and risks of any property investment, and manage all the details of these complex real estate transactions.

Ildiko Pali

Licensed realtor/broker by the State of California

Certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist SRES® by the National Association of Realtors

Ildiko Pali is one of San Francisco’s most experienced and respected real estate professionals. She has 40 years of experience in a wide range of real estate transactions, including residential income property, land development, regular home sales and distressed property sales.

Ildiko is a real estate investment expert with an added background in engineering, finance and counseling. A skilled and resourceful negotiator, she has forged hundreds of agreements with successful outcomes for all parties involved.

“My passion is investing and helping buyers benefit from my years of experience. I help people find properties with a strong future value.”– Ildiko Pali

Ildiko is a true expert in pre-foreclosure short sales—finding mutually beneficial solutions for homeowners, buyers and lenders. As a certified senior real estate specialist (SRES), she helps retirees reorganize, simplify and get ready for their next phase of life, and invest in properties that grow their retirement wealth. She has conducted numerous trainings and investor roundtables throughout the Bay Area.

Kate Fomina

“Sometimes it can be confusing for buyers to know precisely what they want. I help them figure it out and move forward with the greatest ease and confidence.”  --Kate Fomina

Licensed realtor by the State of California

Kate is one of San Francisco’s most resourceful and detailed real estate experts. A native of Belarus with a background in foreign language and international relations, she immigrated on her own to the U.S. and entered the field of residential real estate.

She tirelessly works on behalf of buyers and investors, helping them clearly identify their needs and evaluate the often-confusing realm of distressed properties. She helps them get clear about what they want, determine the best buy for their finances and the most appropriate lender for their situation. She is an expert at communications, documentation and the volume of paperwork necessary for moving lenders to accept an offer.

Trusted Team of Specialists

The complexity of distressed property transactions often requires the assistance of specialists. We partner with experts who share our vision of helping buyers and investors derive the greatest value in this market.

We continue to refine our treasury of trusted, local experts in the following areas:

  • Tax advisors and CPAs
  • Financial advisors
  • Investment counselors
  • Estate planners
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Retirement specialists
  • Remodelers and home improvement contractors

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