Comments from Our Clients

We measure success by the many buyers and investors we have supported over the years. Let us share a few of the comments we’ve received.

“As a real estate investor and developer, I bought and sold real estate in the Bay Area for decades. I was introduced to Ildiko by my mortgage broker who told me she was the best real estate broker/consultant in the business and understands real estate trends and has the potential to see investment potential in any real estate market. I have now worked with her in many transactions. She is very creative and also understands financing and the land development process. When I was ready to sell my personal home in the Marina, she and her team sold it for well over the asking price.”

— JD

“Thank you all that you did, especially for holding the vision that this would happen and helping to make this possibility a reality. I am celebrating Christmas for the first time in the home I own.”

— KC

“Thank you for your time, patience, devotion and understanding during our journey towards finding this home! We adore it… it's the perfect little place for us.”

— G

“Thank you so much for all of your help the past few months in getting us out of renter status.”

— W