Investing in Real Estate

We are living through a challenging real estate cycle in an uncertain economy, tainted by banking scandals, and abundant with upside down mortgages and many investment failures. Despite these odds, real estate today offers a tremendous investment opportunity as long as the venture is structured for the highest gain and the asset is protected.

“It is our goal to not only help people learn how to invest in real estate, but also to teach them how to protect their assets long-term so they can stand the storm of the next real estate cycle.” -- Ildiko Pali

We are committed to helping buyers make sound and fruitful real estate investments that grow their assets and bring value to their lives. As representative investors since 1976, we understand the nature of the present and preceding real estate cycles. We can differentiate the promises from the pitfalls of this current market.

Our skills and experiences help buyers strategize and structure their ventures for success.

Our Investment Consultation

  • We educate buyers about the merits and structure of a long-term investment strategy and the risks associated with hoping to gain quickly from “flipping” a low cost property. We advise which properties should be long-term investments and which can be flipped for quick profit.
  • We help buyers protect their real estate asset so they are prepared for future economic cycles.
  • We guide buyers in making wise investment decisions based on their finances, lifestyle and retirement goals.
  • We support buyers in generating income through their property as they hold it for equity growth, such as turning it into a rental.
  • We help buyers increase value in their property by planning improvements, additions and converting the usage.
  • We guide buyers in taking a strategic view of all their investments to maximize their loan management and cash flow.
  • In preparation for investing, we guide buyers in right-sizing the property insurance and financing, and the best means for taking title to create tax advantages.
  • As Seniors Real Estate Specialists (SRES), we help retirees plan investments that support their goals and generate wealth for their golden years.

Investor Resources

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