Pre-foreclosure Short Sales

There is tremendous advantage to buyers, sellers and lenders in transacting a pre-foreclosure before the lender places the property in a trustee auction.

Pre-foreclosure transactions are negotiated with the lender as a short sale in which the homeowner sells the property for less than the balance owed to the lender. The sales price is short of the mortgage balance.

Buyer Advantages

  • Purchasing a property discounted by the lender under the market value.
  • Purchasing the property from the owner, with the ability to visit and inspect the property as you would in a regular sale.
  • “All cash” not required—mortgage can be financed through the buyer’s lender with a 5% down payment or more.
  • The satisfaction of helping a struggling homeowner walk away from their financial burden with dignity and the most intact credit possible.

Buyer Challenge

Keep in mind: lenders generally look favorably upon short sales because their losses are 20 to 30% less than in a foreclosure.

While short sales are a win-win for buyer, seller and lender, they do have challenges.

Short sales typically involve a lengthy 3-5 month escrow period for lender negotiations.

During this waiting period, the buyer is uncertain whether the offer will be approved.

Our Short Sales Expertise

Most realtors do not have the necessary systems and expertise—even if they say they do.

Short sales are unique and complex transactions, requiring lengthy preparation and the skilled negotiations and creative problem solving of a short sale real estate expert.

Since 1995, we have been the Bay Area’s short sale experts.We are skilled at the processing, counseling, property valuation, plethora of paperwork, complex lender negotiations and closing details of a short sale.

We Support Buyers and Investors

  • We arrange property showings, and help you analyze value and investment potential.
  • We help you prepare the complexity of paperwork to better ensure yours is the winning bid.
  • We negotiate with the homeowner’s lender to win approval of your offer, and keep you informed every step of the way.
  • We support you through the entire transaction to close of escrow.
  • We offer referrals to reasonably price, quality contractors for any property improvements you require.

Start the process today. Review our pre-sorted short sales listings. Call 415.412.8721 to schedule a showing and help prepare your offer.