Trustee Sales (TS)

Once a property has been foreclosed, the lender will attempt to sell it at auction. Bidding on a foreclosed property at auction can be a good opportunity to purchase a property under market value, but it does involve risk-taking and requires tremendous preparation and experience. It is a venture for skilled investors, and is not recommended for first homebuyers unless they are represented by experts in TS bidding.

Buyers Advantages

  • Motivated to sell foreclosures as quickly as possible, lenders will set the bidding low, for at least the outstanding loan amount.
  • Properties at auction can be purchased well below the market value.

Buyer Challenges

  • Trustee auctions are cash-only sales—they cannot be financed. You must have adequate cash on hand.
  • You will not be permitted to visit or inspect the property in advance of the auction, so you must project its condition sight unseen.
  • Extensive research is required: You must research the property and market to project its value. You must investigate all loans and leans on the property, even those not immediately showing.
  • You must understand foreclosure law.
  • You must understand the auction process inside and out, and be prepared to compete against savvy bidders, many of whom are veterans of auctions.
  • Title insurance is not available for properties purchased at TS auctions.

We Support Buyers and Investors

  • We are experts at helping buyers and investors prepare for an auction.
  • We can accompany you to an auction and support you in the bidding.

Start the process today. Review our pre-sorted trustee sales listings. Call 415.412.8721 to help you prepare for bidding at the auction.