Advocates for Homeowners

In the Bay Area, many homeowners are still struggling with high mortgage payment and negative equity. If this is your situation, you need not feel paralyzed by fear or pressured into a decision that will ruin your credit and your future. You do have options for avoiding foreclosure and moving forward in your life.

“It is our goal to not only help people learn how to invest in real estate, but also to teach them how to protect their assets long-term so they can stand the storm of the next real estate cycle.” -- Ildiko Pali

Our affiliate Real Estate Asset Protection offers free consultation to help Bay Area homeowners understand their options and guide them toward the best possible outcome.

They are a locally owned and operated San Francisco agency, licensed by the State of California Department of Real Estate, that has specialized in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure since 1995.

Visit Real Estate Asset Protection to learn about your options and begin moving forward in your life.

Work with experts with a heart for service.