Identifying Dreams, Goals & Means

Purchasing real estate—whether for a residence or investment—is a major juncture in your life. We provide consultation to help you get clear about your life goals and dreams, and how they relate to your real estate investment.

At SFforeclosure, we guide you in assessing the time and finances you are able to commit, and the impact the transaction might have on your lifestyle.

From a groundwork of financial clarity, we customize your search to help you find ideal properties for your need.

Analyzing Value

Real estate continues to be a good investment, but must be pursued skillfully to protect your assets. We guide you in analyzing the value of property listings.

Furthermore, we help you assess any improvements to meet your goals, and project long-term value in a changing economy. We mentor you in gauging the time and finances you will need to invest and your profit potential.

Helping You Prepare

There is a great deal of bidding competition for the tremendous deals offered in distressed properties. Submitting well-prepared offers is the key to winning. We help you identify what is needed to make the winning offer that gets accepted.

Working with You through to Closing

Specific support is required for each type of distressed property transaction—short sales, trustee sales, REOs. We have the experience to support you every step of the way in each type of transaction. We are experts at understanding lender requirements, working with sellers to win approval of your offer and negotiating with lenders to receive short sale approval. We keep you posted with regular updates from start to finish.

Referring you to Contractors

We continually refine our list of property improvement contractors based on reasonable pricing and quality workmanship. We will refer you to contractors suited to your needs.

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Homeowner Help

Many homeowners facing foreclosure are not aware of their options. Through our affiliated Real Estate Asset Protection (link) we help homeowners in challenging financial situations explore their options, identify their optimal solution and take action to move forward in their lives. We offer no-fee consultation and services as our contribution to helping people in this economic downturn.

We are experts at short sale transactions—a win-win solution for financially burdened homeowners, buyers and lenders. Visit Real Estate Asset Protection to learn about your options and take positive action in your life—before it’s too late and the bank takes away your home.

Helping homeowners since 1975.

Real Estate Agent Assistance

With foreclosures on the rise, it is our goal to help educate and mentor realtors so they can better assist homeowners facing hardship. We provide trainings and mentoring programs in the alternatives to foreclosure, including the complex short sales transaction process. With more than 50% of today’s real estate transactions ending as short sales, becoming an expert not only benefits the social good; it is also good for business.

The most difficult part of a short sale is negotiating with lenders. Our training teaches realtors how to strategize and effectively negotiate to achieve a win-win solution.

We have trained hundreds of realtors in the Bay area through the San Francisco Board of Realtors Expo, Women’s Council of Realtors, title companies, and realtor training and mentoring programs.

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Download our free Bay Area Short Sales Services book (based on Ildiko Pali’s popular “Short Sales: A Win-Win for Everyone Involved” seminar).